More Time to Care with Playback Pro and AI-powered Documentation

Playback Pro is the new provider-only platform from Playback Health. Playback Pro includes Notes, a new AI-driven transcription tool that turns audio and conversations into clinical notes in seconds.

With Notes and Playback Pro handling your documentation process, you can focus on care and save valuable time.

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With Notes, you can:

With Notes, you can:

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Transform patient conversations and audio into clinical notes and editable text
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Choose from a range of clinical note templates, or make your own
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Streamline your entire team's
workflow and boost everyone's efficiency
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Save up to 15 minutes per patient encounter, getting back hours in your day

*Please note if you are currently using the Playback Health Engage platform, you will need to download Playback Pro as a separate app.

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Revolutionize your workflow

Playback Notes is a powerful ambient listening technology saving clinicians up to 3 hours a day in documentation time.

Our clinical intelligence tools transform patient-provider conversations into EMR-ready clinical notes and patient follow-up summaries, so you can focus on care.

Save 3 Hours a Day

More time to care

Save up to 15 minutes per patient encounter, supercharge patient experience, and get great results with Playback Notes. No scribes, no errors, no time wasted on documentation, just more time.

Playback Health Screen Images
Playback Health Screen Images

Save time, cut costs, and reduce errors

Prioritize time without compromising patient care. Try our our industry-leading ambient clinical documentation today.


What our customers say

Playback's Ai scribe has helped me kickstart my practice and has been a competitive advantage for me when my patients shop for care.
Neurosurgeon, Northwell
Dr. Griffin Baum, MD
This is the first time in my life a surgeon has shown me this level of care, and I have had a total of 18 surgeries.
neurosurgery patient
Bruce H.
The ability to replay past appointments and share health information transcribed by Ai with my family has been a game-changer.
Inpatient Rehab
Sheri P.