Are clinical notes and admin tasks stealing time from patients and your personal life?

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Learn how health providers are using our AI ambient listening scribe to save 3 hours a day and see 5+ more patients per week, reclaiming their evenings and weekends.

What our customers say

This is incredible. I saw 20 patients today and I have all my notes done. This hasn't happened in 25 years.
chair neurosurgery, KU MEDICAL CENTER
Dr. Paul J. Camarata
Playback Health has revolutionized my note-taking process and given me back hours in my week.
owner at portland trauma healing
Dacia Fusaro, LCSW

More time

Clinicians using Notes report saving up to 15 minutes per patient encounter. That's roughly 3 hours a day saved in documentation time.

More choice

Notes automatically transforms any audio to editable text. Choose between clinical note templates, translate to another language, or make manual changes.

More care

With Notes automatically handling documentation, clinicians report feeling more present and focused during patient encounters.

Get more time to care