February 26, 2024

What to look for in a reliable AI-driven clinical platform

What to look for in a reliable AI-driven clinical platform 

As the availability of AI tools explodes across the entire healthcare industry, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choice as supply and demand skyrockets. However, not all AI platforms are created equally. While health systems figure out how to implement these powerful new technological tools correctly, they also need to choose the right platform in the first place. 

Below are four important considerations when selecting an AI-driven clinical platform for your health system - and why Playback is the reliable, industry-tested choice.

1. Security

When entrusted with patients’ private medical data, AI tools need to guarantee their platforms are secure and HIPAA-compliant. With the mobilization of more patient data than ever before, security breaches and hacking are more prone to occur. Like the recent rise of money-transfer apps, AI platforms with access to private patient data need to be trusted to perform their functions with maximum security so patients know their information won’t end up in the wrong hands. 

Playback’s mobile cloud platform is guaranteed SOC 2 and HIPAA-compliant with data encryption since its inception in 2018. Playback understands the primary function of healthcare is to serve patients, and its unified clinical platform rests on the same mission: care for patients, from the doctor’s office to their data. 

2. Proven ROI

The proof is in the stats. Specifically, stats of actual time and money saved when integrating a new AI-driven clinical platform. Busy health systems don’t need to spend precious time figuring out new technology if it doesn’t automatically start making their days and workloads easier. To be worth a health system’s time to integrate and implement, AI tools must deliver the results they promise. 

Playback puts up the numbers where it counts. Clinicians already using Playback report an average of 3 hours saved per day simply from having their notes automated and transcribed. Because of the transformative amount of time saved on paperwork, Playback clinicians report a 20% increase in productivity across the board. When clinicians’ workloads are streamlined and their patients gain access to their mobilized medical journeys, HCAHPS soar. Using Playback, Lenox Hill Hospital reported their highest patient satisfaction scores in a decade in 2020, along with reduced hospital stays because of better provider communication and coordination. The Department of Neurosurgery at Lenox Hill Hospital had patient satisfaction scores of new highs at 99% due to more efficient doctor communication, understanding, and overall satisfaction with care.

3. Industry trust & recognition

When reputable health systems can already vouch for a reliable product, it’s easy to follow their trusted lead. Health systems don’t have time, energy, or funds to gamble with potential - they need to know their investments will work. 

With Playback’s cofounder, neurosurgeon Dr. Langer, as the chair of neurosurgery at Lenox Hill, Playback was born directly from an industry-recognized clinician’s actual medical needs. No one who performs daily brain surgeries is interested in wasting fellow clinicians’ time but instead giving it back to them through more efficient workdays and more engaged patients. By implementing Playback’s clinical tools in large health systems and smaller enterprise practices with legitimate results, health systems can use the platform with certainty in its industry-recognized validity. 

4. Knowledgeable Team

Understanding any team’s intent and mission is insightful when using their product. AI tools present revolutionary new technology to healthcare’s extremely antiquated communication systems. It’s useful when the people behind the platform understand where healthcare has been as much as they know where this technology is trying to take it.

With a cofounder who comes directly from the world of medicine and close-knit relationships with several health systems, Playback is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between the old world of healthcare and the new. Playback understands the sensitivity needed to gain clinician trust and the results that are required to keep it. The entire point of introducing AI-driven tools to a health system is to tangibly help doctors daily, and, in doing so, provide patients a profound new level of personalized care. 

Welcome a new era of clinical efficiency from an industry-tested, trusted source. Try Playback Health for free today.